A new cider from Wales

Creating distinctive and delicious wild cider is our passion at Redhog and it’s this passion that’s driven us to create something exceptional. But what makes Redhog so special? Simple. The finest apples, some Welsh passion and a large dash of our master cidermaker’s unrivalled expertise.

We use only the very best quality apples. These beauties are mostly sourced from wild orchards in Somerset, Herefordshire and the Welsh Borders. In a wild orchard, you’ll find the minimum of intervention: less irrigation, pesticides and herbicides and more of letting Mother Nature do her amazing work. And it's just the kind of spot for snaffling that would make for a very happy hog.

Once harvested, milled and pressed, over the winter months you’ll find our apples quietly fermenting and maturing. At this point, the wonderful flavours and aromas start to develop. The real magic happens when our master cidermaker starts the blending process at our home in Llandeilo, West Wales. Getting the right balance of crispness, bite and sparkle requires expertise and knowledge. His attention to detail lets our cider’s distinctive flavours and aromas emerge and come together, ready to be enjoyed.

After that, all that's left is for you to sit back and savour Redhog Cider's refreshing taste of the wild.

Our Wild Ciders


ABV 4.8%

A delicious clear sparkling cider, with the perfect balance of subtle sweetness and intense apple flavour. Great depth and a rounded mouthfeel make this refreshing, bold cider the perfect thirst-quencher, whatever the occasion. One word: moreish! Enjoy served chilled, with or without ice.


• 500ml bottles
• 8 and 12 x bottle cases


ABV 4.0%

Perfectly ripe blackberries, blackcurrants and strawberries combine with a crisp apple base to create this refreshing, lively cider. With its fruity aroma and berry flavours, it captures the delicious freshness of Summer fruit without being overly sweet. All the essence of a Summer’s day, but the perfect choice for drinking all year round. Serve chilled, with or without ice.


• 500ml bottles
• 8 and 12 x bottle cases


For a lower alcohol alternative that doesn’t sacrifice any of the delicious Redhog flavours, our Redhog Light Wild Ciders are the perfect choice. Crafted by adding non-fermented apple juice to reduce the ABV, you’ll enjoy the same refreshing crispness and satisfying depth as with their higher alcohol siblings. Ideal for when you want to enjoy a lighter cider that still excites your taste buds. Serve chilled, with or without ice.


• Medium Dry and Berry Fruit
• 500ml bottles
• 8 and 12 x bottle cases

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Redhog Wild Cider can be ordered through Evan Evans Brewery.

For more information contact simonbuckley@evan-evans.com

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